Behavioral Consultation and Intervention Services (BCIS)


Behavioral Consultation and Intervention Services (BCIS) are tailored to the needs of the consumer, which may include, but are not limited to a school district, educational placement, mental health service providers, individual and/or families. Consultation can include support to students or classrooms, school districts, social service agencies, individual consumers, and families, dependent on presenting needs. Consultation can occur across all settings and environments to ensure skill maintenance and generalization.


  • Prevention: Through training, collaboration and consultation, BCIS aims to support the staff of entities with which we contract to identify risk factors associated with mental health issues and respond to those needs accordingly.
  • Psychoeducation: Through BCIS, educators, human service workers and parents are provided with information regarding mental health diagnoses, available treatments, local resources and wellness.
  • Least restrictive: BCIS strives to support programs to maintain children with mental health issues in the least restrictive environment in which their needs can be met. Staff work to educate and guide direct care staff in meeting the needs of their students.

Program Highlights:

  • Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA) oversight
  • Clinical Supervisors who can collaborate with psychiatrists and psychologists when needed
  • Masters level behavioral consultants
  • Behavior therapists

School-Based Consultation

Our team works collaboratively with schools in order to build skills and expertise within your district. Our team works with classrooms ranging from pre-school through adults, and works in a variety of classroom structures. Our Behavior Consultants work directly with teachers in order to develop a learning environment that will support a child to be successful. Our team will offer support in developing the most appropriate classroom environment and placement for students. School-Based Consultation Services are designed to meet the individual needs of each student.

Home-Based Consultation

Our team works collaboratively with families to develop an individualized program to best meet the needs of the child and family. Our Behavior Consultants will complete assessments of the child’s strengths and needs, based on information from the team and direct observation and interaction with the child. Our team will meet regularly with the family to provide recommendations, model strategies for the family, and will be there to support the family in working through concerns.

We provide BCIS Services to many locations throughout PA. To learn more about BCIS, please contact Natalie Colebank, our BCIS Program Director. You may also call our Corporate Service Center.

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