Natalie Colebank, MS. ED.S, LBS

Director of IBHS and Related Services

Working for Family Behavioral Resources for more than 10 years, Natalie has served in roles including Therapeutic Staff Support, Behavioral Specialist Consultant, Clinical Supervisor, and Associate Director of Behavior Analyst. In her correct role as FBR’s Director of IBHS and Related Services, Natalie is responsible for supporting the quality of Clinical Services including Behavioral Health and Mental Health services within the Intensive Behavioral Health Services, Adult Autism Waiver Program, and Behavioral Consultation and Intervention Services.  She guides and supports the team of Directors of Behavior Analysis and Clinical Supervisors in professional development and clinical growth to ensure the best services are being offered through FBR. She collaborates in the development of new programs and engages in community networking.

Natalie earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She went on to receive her Master’s Degree in School Psychology and then obtained her ABA certificate from Florida Institute of Technology. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and holds a professional license as a Behavior Specialist.  In her free time, Natalie enjoys being outdoors and spending time her family.