About Us

Since 1999, Family Behavioral Resources has been partnering with communities in an effort to improve the quality of life for individuals and families.  In 2014, we became a proud subsidiary of Community Intervention Services, (CIS), which has allowed us to expand our clinical expertise.  With services available in over 30 locations across Pennsylvania and Ohio, we have the ability to provide access to quality care.   With individualized recovery at our core, we collaborate with our consumers to provide services that are tailored to each person’s individual needs.  FBR offers a diversified treatment approach to behavioral health and continues to expand treatment options to meet the growing needs of our communities.

Why choose FBR/AERI

Excellence is derived from passion and dedication.  There is no greater example of passion for what you do than walking to a consumer’s home to ensure they do not miss their session.  Why choose FBR?  This example comes from a true story.  Last spring a Family Behavioral Resources clinician did just what was described in the aforementioned sentence.  His car had broken down and rather than let down his consumer and his consumer’s family, he walked to his consumer’s house.  FBR should be your first choice for Mental Health Care as Great Care stories such as this occur everyday. Our team is comprised of the most passionate, dedicated and intelligent clinicians and therapists in the field.  Look no further than Family Behavioral Resources and AERI for all of your mental health care needs.